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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Some of the services available to you are:

Acupressure- An Asian therapy that involves pressing points along the body's meridians with fingers, thumbs or palms of the hand to stimulate ki (also qi or chi) and bring about balance and health.

Aromatherapy- The therapeutic use of aromatic essences and essential oils extracted from plants.

Chair Massage- A fully clothed, seated massage session, which can incorporate various other bodywork techniques, usually done in a public space.

Connective-Tissue Massage- Swedish massage applied with deep pressure, with a focus on restoring length and flexibility to the fascia.

CranioSacral Therapy- Alternatively referred to as craniosacral therapy, it involves a light-touch modality that uses gentle soft-tissue techniques to release restrictions in the membranes around the brain and spinal cord, enhancing central nervous system performance and allowing the body to self-correct.

Deep-Tissue Massage- Utilizes various techniques to affect the deeper tissues of the body, such as fascia and other non superficial tissues.

Lomilomi- An ancient and still-popular Hawaiian massage technique that utilizes the elbows and forearms and long, connecting strokes to relax the body.

Medical Massage- The application of massage techniques to treat specific physical conditions, sometimes by diagnosis of a physician.

Myofascial Release- A method of affecting connective tissue by applying pressure in the direction of fasical resistance.

Myotherapy- A trigger-point technique that manipulates points with specific pressure.

Neuromusucular Therapy- Massage techniques applied specifically to muscle, fascia and ligaments for pain relief.

Ortho-Bionomy- Uses proper positioning and gentle movement to ease the body into releasing tension, pain and related mental and emotional patterns, along with re-establishing structural realignment.

Orthopedic Massage- Uses a combination of massage techniques for the purpose of treating soft-tissue pain and inury. It utilizes four steps toward this goal: assessment, matching physiology with correct treatment protocol, treatment adaptability and rehabilitation.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle- Deep, cross-fiber technique

Pregnancy Massage- Touch-therapy techniques modified for application to pregnant clients.

Reflexology- A system of pressing points on the feet that correspond to systems and organs throughout the body.

Sports Massage- Massage techniques used before, during and after athletic training and competition.

Stone Therapy- Heated or cooled stones used to perform massage or trigger-point work or placed on the body for energy
balancing or to elicit a physiological response.

Swedish Massage- Stroking, kneading, percussion, vibration and friction. 

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